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Useful tips to overcome problems within your home

Below you will find some useful tips if certain problems occur in your property.

No Heating?

Heating controls turned down or switched off? If you have a boiler, please check the pressure gauge on the front of the boiler is not low.

Appliance not working?

Is the spur not switched on or fuse in spur blown, socket not working?

Lights not working?

Bulbs may need replacing. Check with a torch whether the Mini Circuit Breaker (MCB) in the consumer unit/ fuse board has switched “OFF” switch circuit breaker to “ON” identify faulty lamp; switch circuit breaker to “”OFF” replace faulty lamp; switch circuit breaker back to “ON” ensure that lamps do not exceed the rating for that fitting.

Excessive condensation?

Have you got washing drying on radiators or ventilation system not switched on?

Mould in cupboards?

Ensure sufficient ventilation is provided and clothes dried thoroughly before putting away.

Blocked Drains?

Are nappies, sanitary products etc being flushed away causing blockages or is the kitchen sink being used to discard grease and cooking fat?

Water leak?

Turn off the water using the stopcock. Ascertain where the leak is coming from. Check the severity of the leak and the damage caused by the water so far and use a suitable container such as a bucket or washing up bowl to prevent any further damage by water. If water has found its way into any electrical appliances, trunking, switchgear or apparatus and turn off the appliance.

Partial or complete loss of power to your property?

Check with the neighbouring properties and see if the problem is isolated to your dwelling. If yes, check with a torch whether the MCB in the consumer unit/ fuse board has switched “OFF” due to a possible overload on a circuit. If it will not stay “ON” unplug all devices on that circuit one by one until the faulty appliance is identified.

Smoke, heat or CO2 detector not working?

If you suspect the alarm is faulty or have tested the alarm by pressing the button on its underside and the alarm has not sounded, contact Hammond Properties or your Landlord.

Smoke, heat or CO2 detector beeping?

The battery needs replacing: hush button could be jammed or the breaker is off in the consumer unit.

Faulty doors and windows?

Always ensure that handles are fully engaged before trying to operate windows and doors. Do not force the mechanism. If you experience problems, then please contact Hammond Properties or your Landlord.


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