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Top tips to prevent your property from condensation and mould

December 2018

Winter is now upon us, which can only mean damp and cold weather. We no longer leave windows open as the temperature drops, as a result the quality of the air flow in your home suffers and mould starts to occur.

We at Hammond Properties have provided the following tips to prevent the build up of condensation and mould in your property:-

Ventilation- Ensure all windows fitted with trickle vents are in open position and depending on type of window locked in ventilation mode.  Recommend all kitchen and bathroom doors are closed when in use for showering or cooking to prevent moisture in the air going into colder rooms. Where possible, dry clothes externally or in an area such as the bathroom with the door shut to prevent excess moisture. Ensure all furniture is at least 50mm away from any wall to ensure the air can circulate.

Curtains and Net Curtains- Ensure all curtains and nets are open or tied to assist with moisture not being trapped.

Natural Vents- Ensure all vents are free flowing and are left in a open position.

Heating- Setting the heating to be left on a continuous low moderate setting to ensure the temperature does not drop below will reduce the likelihood of mould growth.

Extractor fans- Recommend both the kitchen and bathrooms are fitted with a humidistat extractor fan. The fans will switch on automatically when humidity levels are high.

Wardrobes and cupboards- Do not overfill bedroom wardrobes or kitchen cupboards as it prevents air circulating freely inside.

Washing machines and dryers- Recommend where possible external vented type machines are fitted.


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